Welcome to ShroomMates.com website!

Wise folks always say "Go with what you love and you'll never work a day in your life!" I couldn't agree more!

ShroomMates is based in Kansas City, Missouri. As we get started we will be featuring Shirts, Hoodies, and Bumper/Window Stickers. We want to expand to Welcome Mats, Toddler Onesies, Socks and other assorted Morel items. Accompanying our ShroomMates.com store will be our ShroomMates.com Facebook page which will feature pictures and videos from our hunts over the years. We have also formed a ShroomMates Facebook Group which will be focused on pictures of Shroomin' People and their escapades. No science, identification discussions, growth cycle arguments, edible/not edible arguments, etc. We just want pictures of people and their Shrooms and their stories please.

Moving forward we hope to feature items from many different types of Shroomin!. From Morels, to Chanterelles, Maitake and Oysters, Chaga and Reishi, Lobsters and Lion's Mane and more! 

Further down the road will be offering Fresh (when in season) and dried produce as well as a growing list of Mushroom related products. We hope that you will visit often and watch us grow!


Mitch Matt

aka Missouri ShroomMate


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Pickin' and Grinin' Saturday, January 17, 2015
These ShroomMates are gearing up for what we hope will be another amazing Spring season traveling the Midwest in search of Morels!

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